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Coonley Tech News, Volume 4

Hour of Code Guide 2016

Active Learning (and Tweeting!), Elementary Style

In November 2016 my colleague Sam Carpenter and I presented at the Illinois Education Technology Conference on Active Learning and Tweeting in an elementary school.  Below is our presentation.

Happy 100 Posts to Me!

It's an anniversary, of sorts- my 100th blog post!  I thought it would be a good time to reflect on this blog and my purpose for it.  I was a classroom teacher for 15 years.  I absolutely loved it.  But after technology crept into education, I came to love that as well.  I was an early adopter and found that I enjoyed having my colleagues come into my classroom and ask me to show them how I was using technology with my students.  When the opportunity became available to become a coach, I jumped at the chance.  It hasn't always been easy, and hasn't always been as rewarding as I would have liked. But in year nine of this next chapter of my career I still hope that I am impacting students and education like I did when I was a classroom teacher.

I began this blog in 2012 when I was asked two weeks before the school year to be a teaching coach. I would be a part time computer lab teacher and coach at the same time.  Receiving a new teaching assignment at such a late date allow…

BreakoutEDU, Kindergarten Style!

This fall several of our teachers participated in The Global Read Aloud, working with classrooms across the United States to read the same books and share our thoughts and ideas about them.  One such partnership was with Ms. Cain, a librarian in North Dakota who is working with one of our kindergarten teachers, Ms. Thomsen.  Our collaboration takes places mainly through Seesaw where we share pictures and thoughts on the books we have read during this project.

Ms. Cain suggested doing a BreakoutEDU activity that was created specifically around our Global Read Aloud author study. BreakoutEDU with kindergarten?!  I had only done this with adults (and Ms. Thomsen had never even heard about it)!  Luckily, I had recently purchased a kit which made this the perfect opportunity to dive right in with students.

While the instructions for We Are Readers were well done and thorough I still modified some to make the activity run smoother for our little learners.  Following are the accommodations …