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Adding Apps Using Apple Configurator

Leland iPad Teachers:  here's an Educreations video showing you how to add apps to your iPads using Apple Configurator.  Educreations is already loaded on your iPads if you'd like to use it with students!

A STEM Lesson for Teachers

Setting the Scene This year Leland became one of Chicago Public Schools' STEM schools.  The designation brought about additional support staff placed in the building to help build the capacity of the teachers and help move the STEM initiative forward.  Our school has a STEM Technology Specialist (me!) and a STEM Math and Science Specialist- my partner, Tom. It's great having a colleague to bounce ideas off of.  Since we are housed in the same "closet" we have a lot of time to communicate and talk about ways to grow the school and our faculty.  We are a great team and support each other's specialties.

One day after the middle school science fair we talked about how our science boards had a long way to go.  Being a Welcoming School (merging 3 student bodies and different teachers from across the district along with a new administration) has had it's challenges.  The science fair was one of them.  We talked about the need to express to the teachers where the bo…

Teaching Students About Feedback Using Google Apps

A Happy Accident So much of learning happens accidentally. As much as I schedule planning time with teachers to work on their 'Personalized Technology Plans' the best "teachable" moments happen on the fly.  Case in point.  Recently I stopped to speak to a 5th grade teacher about introducing her students to their CPS Google accounts.  As I was leaving her I poked my head into the other 5th grade classroom.  I love this teacher (both of them are stellar educators)- as I look to see what the kids are doing on their laptops she starts to wave me over excitedly saying "ooo Mrs. Zumpano, come see what we're doing!".  I love her enthusiasm, openness to all-things-tech and how she wants to share (even though I also laugh and tell her she always grabs me in the hall as I'm walking by and never formally seeks out my help).  She explained that for Black History Month the students were researching African American colleges and creating Google Presentations on …

28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Using Technology

Happy Black History Month!  
Although February is already underway it's not too late to celebrate the accomplishments of your students or famous African Americans.  Here are 28 different ways to bring technology into your lessons.  Leland teachers- if you find something of interest here and would like assistance please let me know!
1. "Quotes from Future Famous African Americans":  have your students create quotes that express an idea or belief.  Leave out a piece of the quote and create a QR code to find out the mystery word!  See this post from last year's 4th grade that did this activity!
2. Research colleges and create a presentation about the college using Google Presentations.  As students are presenting, create a TodaysMeet room for the audience to provide instant feedback.  Leland teachers, see Ms. Murry to ask her how students enjoyed this!
3.  Research a famous African American such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and create a Thinglink of the 5 "w's&q…