28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Using Technology

Happy Black History Month!  

black history photo: Black History Month blackhis4.jpg

Although February is already underway it's not too late to celebrate the accomplishments of your students or famous African Americans.  Here are 28 different ways to bring technology into your lessons.  Leland teachers- if you find something of interest here and would like assistance please let me know!

1. "Quotes from Future Famous African Americans":  have your students create quotes that express an idea or belief.  Leave out a piece of the quote and create a QR code to find out the mystery word!  See this post from last year's 4th grade that did this activity!

2. Research colleges and create a presentation about the college using Google Presentations.  As students are presenting, create a TodaysMeet room for the audience to provide instant feedback.  Leland teachers, see Ms. Murry to ask her how students enjoyed this!

3.  Research a famous African American such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and create a Thinglink of the 5 "w's".  See this page for an example.

4. Create a Voicethread slideshow of African American literature you have read.  Have students comment on each slide.

5. Summarize a topic you've learned about Black History Month and create a word cloud in Wordle.  You can also use Tagxedo if you are looking for word clouds in shapes, such as Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. 

6. Make a drawing, a picture or a movie using Kerpoof!

7. Use pictures you have taken in your classroom to create a video slideshow on future famous African Americans (your students!) using Animoto.

8. Write poetry and recite it using Audioboo.

9. Use an online concept map such as Bubbl.us or Popplet to jot down thoughts about a topic around Black History Month.

10. Make a Glogster poster showing research compiled on an African American scientist.

11. Take a virtual field trip to Underground Railroad sites.

12.  Review vocabulary terms learned during Black History Month by creating online flash cards with Quizlet.

13. Create a class website to show off all of your students fabulous work using Weebly or Wix.

14.  Create a comic with dialogue between two characters using Make Belief Comix.

15.  Prezi is a great way to present research in place of PowerPoint.

16. Join the discussion on Scholastic's website about what Black History Month means to you.

17. Create quizzes that provide instant feedback using Socrative's student response system.

18. Browse JeopardyLab's templates for an online game of Jeopardy on African American history.

19.  Create a wiki of all the things you have learned this month.

20.  After researching a famous African American person make them "talk" using Blabberize.

21. Create a class blog using Blogger to hold a book talk.

22.  Make an animated video at Wideo.

23.  Have your students create a Voki introducing themselves and talking about what career they will pursue as an adult.

24. Have students create surveys using Google Forms and analyze the data they find.

25. Use Microsoft Word to practice keyboard skills by writing an essay titled "I Have a Dream Too".

26.  Use resources from Florida Memory's website to research topics related to Black History Month.

27.  Create an interactive timeline on a famous African American mathematician using Dipity.

28. Compose a digital travel journal using Biteslide that logs the path a slave took on the Underground Railroad.


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