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Take Better Pictures!

Our middle school newspaper club is off and running!  Last year the sponsoring teachers asked me to come in and talk to the students about how to take quality pictures for the newspaper.  Following is the information I gave to them (updated for this year's presentation with the club after school).  All of the images were taken by my daughter or me and as you'll see we're big fans of the cat!
Composition RulesThere are no set rules to composition (also called ‘framing’) but here are some tips:

Framing: be aware of all elements in your picture, not just your subject (look what else is in the frame- trees? garbage? other people? etc.). Do these other elements distract from your image?

Rule of Thirds: imagine the view finder is divided into thirds (both horizontally and vertically). Many say the best photos have the subject placed where the lines cross

Foreground and Background: Every picture has a foreground and background.  Zooming in really close focuses on the foreground and c…