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Media Literacy Introduction & Week of August 27, 2012

Technology Lab is a little off skew this week! There are B.O.Y. (Beginning of Year) assessment requirements for CPS that must be met.  This week 1st, 4th, and 7th grade classrooms took the REACH  Beginning of Year Performance Task Assessments.  These paper and pencil tests were given to one classroom in each of the above grades to gauge their technology knowledge to date.

Other classrooms had lab time interrupted to complete their NWEA M.A.P. (measures of academic progress) assessments.  With that in mind, Kindergarten-2nd grade students will practice mouse skills after testing this week in lab via

3rd-8th Grades
Students that didn't have disrupted lab time this week began looking at Media Literacy.  Media literacy is something that every 21st century student needs.  This week is just a brief introduction to the concept.  The follow websites acted as reference for my presentation:…

Week of August 20, 2012

Welcome back!  This week we will continue getting to know the computer and adjusting to different types of work in the lab.  You will begin taking NWEA's M.A.P. (measures of academic progress) test this week as well. This test is mandated by CPS and is taking Scantron's place.  Ask your homeroom teacher for more information.

This week we will continue to learn how to use the mouse to launch the internet, type in a URL and play games.  Our site for the week will be Funbrain

This week we will continue to develop our basic skills for Microsoft Word.  Students will practice changing fonts and cutting and pasting images.  When they finish with those tasks they will have  a chance to explore Funbrain or go back to last week's site

Third grade students will also continue their work in Kidbiz3000 during lab time.

NETS Standards covered:
6a. Understand and use technology systems
6b. Select and use applications effectively and productively

Grades 6…

Week of August 13, 2012

Welcome to Technology Lab! This is our first week of school! Things will be different for you in the lab this year.

 If you are a student in 3, 6, or 8th grade part of your time will still be spent working in KidBiz3000/TeenBiz3000. If you forget the steps of the program or forget your password please see me.

What will be new for you this year will be learning about new technology skills. Sometimes we'll work to integrate technology projects your teachers have started. Other times we'll work on Web 2.0 applications or word processing documents. If there is something you'd like me to focus on this year please let me know.

Grades K-3
Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade are new to lab! This week we focused on learning the parts of the computer. In lab we learned:
-the proper names of computer parts (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse & LCD projector)
-how to turn the monitor on and off
-the three parts of the mouse:  the left side we use our pointer finger on, the middle w…

Tech Lab 101

Welcome to my technology lab blog. This blog will house my technology lesson plans for the 2012-2013 school year. I didn't receive much notice that my role would change this year and I'd now become the computer lab teacher at my school. Follow along on my new journey!

I'll begin the year by focusing on Word activities for younger students and Web 2.0 activities for older students.

All lessons will tie into ISTE's NETS Standards for Students.  Click here to see the student standards.  This is a fantastic wiki full of NETS resources.  This Prezi was featured on the wiki and is a great introduction for students.