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Coonley Tech News Volume 7

Internet Safety in K-6

Digital SafetyDigital Citizenship Week takes place in October. Although every teacher in every grade in every subject should be weaving in conversations about responsible online practices this is nevertheless a good time to teach some specific lessons on the topic.  Following are the resources I'm exposing K-6 learners to when they visit the computer lab this month.
Kindergarten-2nd GradeCommon Sense Media has a fantastic scope and sequence of lessons that have already been created to use with students. To make the lessons a bit more engaging for our little learners I have created presentations around two of the concepts featured in the scope and sequence, embedded and linked below.  I've also created review Kahoots for 1st and 2nd grade that are free to duplicate.

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13 Twitter Tips!

The more I use Twitter the more ways I find to enhance my experience.  Following is a slideshow I put together with 13 tips that I've discovered along the way.  If you'd like to hear the slideshow narrated for a bit more content the link to a screencast is below.  Let's connect on Twitter!