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Week of February 25, 2013

For the majority of this week I am out of the building.  

Tuesday I'll participate in the development of CPS' REACH Performance Task technology assessments for grades 1, 4 and 7. These assessments, given in the beginning and ending of the school year help to measure student growth and are used as part of teacher evaluations.  Read more about REACH here.

The rest of the week I'll be attending the ICE 2013 Conference.  This conference brings together educators interested in educational technology throughout Illinois.  ICE is a great organization and runs a great conference (and yes, I'm on the conference planning committee too!).  I'll be presenting on Thursday.  My Prezi will be placed below after the conference.  Look for conference notes and details next week!

Week of February 18, 2013

Edmodo and PowerPoint
For the past few weeks students in grades 2-6 have been learning how to use PowerPoint.  We've looked at inserting new slides, changing the design, inserting clip art, transitions and animations.  Read more about the assignment here. The next step is to have the students upload their work to our Edmodo page.  Room 202 were my Edmodo guinea pigs this week!  Many students are finishing up their PowerPoints so those who were finished in time started uploading.  I look forward to the students being able to comment on each other's work!

ISAT TEST COMING SOON!!! Students:  take some time to practice using this site:

20 Ways to Web 2.0 Your Classroom During Black History Month

Prior to being placed in the computer lab this year I spent the previous 4 years helping teachers find ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.  Sometimes educators that are "new" to technology integration are looking for fun, simple projects to get their students  (and themselves) excited about the possibilities of technology integration.  Below is a document that I created for my faculty three years ago.  Many, if not most of these sites are still current or have made great improvements since then.

20 Ways to Web 2.0 Your Classroom During Black History Month by nmzumpano

QR Code Mysteries

Recently I came across a resource through my PLN (Professional Learning Network) on Twitter that gave me an idea for Black History Month.  If you are an educator and you are not on Twitter we need to talk!

Using a resource shared by James Gubbons  that was originally created by Tony Vincent I decided to introduce QR Codes to the 4th grade students.  We talked about what a "quote" was and referenced some famous quotes. I brought the iPads in and displayed some of the mystery quotes from Tony's website around the room. The students worked in pairs to scan the QR codes to find missing words from famous quotes.  For today's purposes I only used quotes from African Americans.

The students then created their very own quotes, with "mystery" missing parts just like the ones we scanned.  I demonstrated how to create a QR code using and created a step by step guide for the students to assist them.
QR Code Creation Step by Step Directions by

They did a gr…

Week of February 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Quarter!  We are already half way through the 2012-2013 school year!

It's a Microsoft Love Fest this week!  Our kindergarten students continue to build skills through fun educational websites (see past posts for specific websites).  Students in first grade were exposed to Microsoft Word for the first time in technology lab this week.  They absolutely loved it!  Using Insight I am able to show my computer screen on each student's monitor.  With the little ones I explain to them that its like watching a tv screen. Insight allows to me to demonstrate how to launch the program, type, change my font, font color, font size and add images.  Students were excited to know that next week I will save their masterpieces and print them for classroom display.  Teachers were excited to know that they can now focus on classroom projects that involve typing.

Second through sixth grade students are now creating Power Point presentations based on the New Year's reflection paper they…