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Coonley Tech News Volume 6

Mapping Digital Spaces: Where You Go Determines How You Grow

I love my PLN.  As an instructional technology coach and an adjunct professor I am continuously on the hunt for new ideas and ways to reach more students and teachers. Recently I participated in an #ISTETEN Twitter chat on Student Voices and Future Visions which included everyone from professors, coaches, teachers and pre-service teachers.  During the chat a question was presented about student voice and what we learn when we listen to students. This led to the idea of students mapping their use of the Internet.  Some professors have students map their professional learning networks, others ask students to map digital spaces that they frequent. This idea was fascinating to me.

In 2001 Marc Prensky coined the phrases "Digital Natives" and "Digital Immigrants" essentially stating that your age determined how comfortable you were with using the Internet. He explained that students born after a certain time frame were more comfortable with digital tools and that those …