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Tech Check: A Yearlong Technology To-Do List

This post has been featured on Big Deal Media's blog and led to a follow up for ISTE's blog.

I recently got a cactus.  As I sat here looking at it I thought to myself "how am I going to remember to water this thing?"  Luckily it doesn't need water often in the fall/winter months...

I decided that I will water it the first new day of each month- making it easy to remember that I had something to do after I flipped the calendar.  That got me thinking- what else should I be doing monthly? I'm good about backing up my MacBook to an external hard drive since I get lovely little reminders (thank you, MacBook). Other tasks I get to when I think about it.  This cactus watering dilemma caused me to put together a schedule of all the things I "get around to" but should do more consistently.  Below is my calendar. Underneath is a bit of an explanation for each activity.

What else am I missing?
Here's a link to a Google Doc with the content below: https://g…