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Digital Tattoos: How Social Media Shapes Your Students' (and Your) Online Image and How to Protect It

Tattoos Do you have a tattoo?What’s the story behind it?What does it say about who you are?Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years.For centuries people have been marking their bodies for a variety of purposes; love, status, tribute, and medical just to name a few.Today the tattoo industry is busier than ever though an Internet search quickly proves that there are clearly some that regret the decision.Is social media that much different?Do we not post statuses that declare our love, tribute, medical dilemmas and more, much like people tattoo their skin?If that is the case, do we not regret some of our social media posts as well?
The term “digital footprint” is well known and represents what trace of us we leave behind when we are visible and active online.It is a catchy phrase but in my opinion not completely accurate.Footprints can be washed away.They can be covered over so they are no longer visible.A tattoo is much more difficult to make invisible.Even in attempts to remove t…

1st Quarter Technology Highlights

Scavenger Hunt Photo Project

What do kids love to talk about most?  Themselves, of course! Recently I had an opportunity to collaborate with a 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Moore.  In the beginning of the school year the students are still getting to know their classmates and their teacher.  Ms. Moore had the idea organized and knew what she wanted the students to do on paper but the technology was open for suggestion.  We talked about iPad apps that would be easy to use for incoming 2nd grade students that would allow them to record audio with their images.  While my preference is Educreations we decided to use ShowMe since it was already loaded on the iPads at Coonley.

Students began by filling out a graphic organizer with the following specific prompts:

write your name in a creative way and take a picture of itcapture your reflection in an unusual way through a picturespell a word that is meaningful to you with objects or people and take a picturetake a picture of something that has your favorite color in ittake a pi…

AudioBoom User Guide

I've used AudioBoom for years to provide audio feedback to undergraduate and graduate students.  Even at the college level students love this form of feedback.  Recently I've introduced it to many of the teachers at Coonley.  We absolutely love that AudioBoom generates a QR code for each file and provides a free account that allows unlimited 10 minute recordings!  With this we've made our kindergarten monsters come alive, provided musical recordings of our students' progress and allowed our 5th graders to become book reviewers. We find new uses for this awesome app each day.

Below is a User Guide that I created to help teachers walk through the app.  Click here to see a 1 page condensed version.  Happy recording!
AudioBoom User Guide