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The American Revolution...It's Like We Were There!

As students learn about history teachers often test knowledge through discussions and quizzes.  How about using technology tools to demonstrate what they've learned?  This year in Ms. Malhiot's classroom students became very comfortable using PicCollage and Audioboom to demonstrate learning.  Following are some great examples of their knowledge of the American Revolution.  Look closely at the PicCollages...students embedded themselves in various scenes!

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listen to ‘Declaration of Independence’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘The Constitution of 1787’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘the battle of sarrotoga’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘Benedict Arnold’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘NEW the french and indian war’ on audioBoom

listen to ‘patrick henry’ on audioBoom

A Trip to the Capitol: Tech2015

Earlier this month I accompanied Karen Malhiot, a 4th grade teacher to Illinois' state capitol in Springfield.  Karen has been doing some great things with technology this year so I encouraged her to apply for an advocacy opportunity where students from around the state are invited to show examples of projects in the capitol building rotunda to demonstrate to state government officials how technology is enhancing their educational experience.  The program is sponsored by Illinois Computing Educators (disclosure: I am on ICE's executive board).

Ms. Malhiot had many students that were interested in participating in the event but was only allowed to bring three.  She held an essay contest and the selected students worked after school to create their display board and practice presenting.  They did a wonderful job and represented Coonley well!

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