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Media Literacy in Education

My Media Literacy presentation for ISTE 18's Ed Tech Coaches Playground

Get on it: Podcasts, Passwords and Online Life

Get on it: Podcasts, Passwords and Online Life

One of the university courses I designed and teach is on social media. A topic, you can imagine with many subsets. As an instructor I’m always looking for new content that is relevant not only to my students' role as educators but as adults that use social media in both their personal and professional lives. Throughout my research I’ve come across many valuable resources that can help us stay as safe and informed as we can about our digital existence. After all, if we want our students to follow our lead we need to model that behavior for them. Following are some of my favorites finds.
Get Informed (articles that relate to privacy and ad targeting)Pixels and Ad Targeting:

Facebook Isn’t Recording your Conversations, But It May as Well Be

Regulating Facebo…