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New Beginnings in an Old Building

An Interesting Summer My final post of the 2012-2013 school year focused on the closing of May Community Academy, my educational home for twenty years.  When I left the building I packed all of my belongings, not sure if I would see the inside of the building again.

Looking for a job after so long in one institution was a strange experience.  While I received many inquiries my options were somewhat limited; I am four months away from becoming full vested in the Chicago Teacher Pension system and gaining access to my sick-days financially (in the Chicago Public School system you need to work for a minimum of twenty years in order to receive compensation for any benefit days not used).   I had some offers that were interesting but didn't work out to be what I thought.  I had other offers that weren't a good fit for my abilities at this time in my career.

In July I learned I was assigned to Leland Elementary, the "Welcoming School" that inhabits May's building.  …