New Beginnings in an Old Building

An Interesting Summer

My final post of the 2012-2013 school year focused on the closing of May Community Academy, my educational home for twenty years.  When I left the building I packed all of my belongings, not sure if I would see the inside of the building again.

Looking for a job after so long in one institution was a strange experience.  While I received many inquiries my options were somewhat limited; I am four months away from becoming full vested in the Chicago Teacher Pension system and gaining access to my sick-days financially (in the Chicago Public School system you need to work for a minimum of twenty years in order to receive compensation for any benefit days not used).   I had some offers that were interesting but didn't work out to be what I thought.  I had other offers that weren't a good fit for my abilities at this time in my career.

In July I learned I was assigned to Leland Elementary, the "Welcoming School" that inhabits May's building.  My assignment was for a fourth grade classroom.  I spent fifteen years teaching that fantastic grade but I am past that point in my career.  I decided to apply for a STEM Technology Specialist position within CPS.  Eleven of the Welcoming Schools received STEM programs this year. I was lucky enough to secure a position. Here's the slideshow I was asked to put together as part of my interview:

Since Leland is one of the schools with the program I will remain in this building for a bit longer.  I'm excited and hopeful for a new experience.  A large percentage of the faculty has changed; this is now Leland's home, not May's.  As with any move the beginning of the school year has been....messy.  Here are a few scenes from the week before the students arrived:

STEM Responsibilities

The STEM office has a solid three year plan in place for the program.  Each school involved has two additional STEM positions:  Math/Science Specialist and Technology Specialist.  Each role has it's own responsibilities associated with it.  I get the task of helping to build capacity and increase efficacy and growth of teachers in relation to technology.  Right up my alley!

More specifically, here is a snapshot of my actual job description:

This year holds many new beginnings.  While our teachers are lucky enough to have had air conditioning installed in their classrooms my office was previously labeled as a "closet" (hence the change in name to this blog).  Closets aren't air conditioned...

I hope to use this blog to showcase great things that are happening within the building.  I'll continue to push out information for my faculty here as well.  

Moving forward....


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