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Student Feedback Part II

Last year I taught students how to give each other strong feedback using Today's Meet.  The full post can be found here.  This year I had the opportunity to do the same lesson but with a new school and a new set of fifth graders.  The lesson series with this class came out of a conversation with the teacher, Ms. Foreman about student projects. She was looking for ideas for book reviews.  Lucky for me she is enthusiastic and open to any suggestion involving technology.

I introduced Ms. Foreman to Audioboom.  Having just provided the teachers with a professional development session on using QR codes in the classroom we decided to create audio recordings of student book reviews.  The beauty of using Audioboom is that it automatically generates a QR code linking to that specific audio file.  While the recordings were taking place the class was also working in PicCollage.  I showed them the basics of how to use the program and some were already familiar with the process.  The goal was …

Hour of Code Resource Guide

This year Coonley will explore Hour of Code as an entire school.  Each classroom will devote an hour next week to allow their students to explore coding.  Coding is new to many teachers so I prepared a guide that will help teachers make the most of this global event (please excuse a typo I just caught in the guide!).  Stay tuned for reflections after the activities are complete!

CoonleyHourofCodeLessonPlan2014 Scribd

Here's a flyer I created after our Hour of Code for parents: