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Project-Based Learning: an Introduction

As Leland Elementary begins the new year it’s always a good idea to go back and revisit previously established goals.One of our STEM Integration Plans for Year 1 involves project-based learning.The goal from CPS states  “100% of students in all grades have been exposed to a project-based, real-world, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering [year 2], and Math lessons aligned to CCSS, NGSS, and NETS.” To that end, this post is meant to provide you with some background regarding project-based learning.Future posts will provide examples of project-based learning activities that can be done with students, including using iPads.
Project and Problem Based Learning In many instances these terms are used interchangeably.While very similar they are in fact different.Both instructional strategies rely on inquiry to solve real-world, authentic problems or questions.These projects are usually open-ended with more than one way to approach and solve them.Both methods are stud…