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Is this for Real? Evaluating Websites

Recently a 5th grade teacher came to see me about a research project.  As we talked through the details we had a discussion about evaluating websites.  As a result of this conversation I created a presentation for her students on evaluating websites. Here is the presentation along with some additional resources.

Learn More

Dig Deeper (older students)
Great Infographic
Seven Steps to Website Evaluation

Question Media Wiki
Great 1 page examples from Easybib (same examples in Google Slides)
Website Evaluation Checklist http:/…

How I am Learning...Right Now

As an instructional technology coach and adjunct professor the amount of information I cover is extensive.  Teachers expect that a coach will have a wide range of knowledge, skills and pedagogy in order to help build capacity and provide the best recommendations for student learning.

As a teacher I am always learning from my PLN and my colleagues, building my knowledge base and improving my craft.  This post is dedicated to the ways I am learning right now, at this point in time.  I plan to cross post this information on my page as well as my digital portfolio.  As educators it is increasingly important that we expand our own knowledge and model this learning for our students.  Cross posting this information on a page that I know others will see will help to keep me accountable and current in my journey. Can you imagine if all teachers posted how they were currently learning?  Our students would not only see we don't stop the journey when we leave school but it would open…