How I am Learning...Right Now

As an instructional technology coach and adjunct professor the amount of information I cover is extensive.  Teachers expect that a coach will have a wide range of knowledge, skills and pedagogy in order to help build capacity and provide the best recommendations for student learning.

As a teacher I am always learning from my PLN and my colleagues, building my knowledge base and improving my craft.  This post is dedicated to the ways I am learning right now, at this point in time.  I plan to cross post this information on my page as well as my digital portfolio.  As educators it is increasingly important that we expand our own knowledge and model this learning for our students.  Cross posting this information on a page that I know others will see will help to keep me accountable and current in my journey. Can you imagine if all teachers posted how they were currently learning?  Our students would not only see we don't stop the journey when we leave school but it would open doors to faculty reaching out to each other more inquiring about opportunities.


I'm currently bouncing back and forth between two books.  As I read, I highlight information and keep a Google Doc on each book so that I can revisit what stood out to me.  To see a complete list of instructional texts I've read (including links to my Google Docs where applicable) click HERE.


Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are such a great way to connect with other like minded people!  Here are a few of my current favorites:  

#BSD13Learns Bloomingdale School District 13 in Illinois is hosting a book study/Twitter chat on Understanding the Digital Generation by Ian Jukes, Ted MeCann and Lee Crockett (hence, the reason I am reading this text). This chat is moderated by the Superintendent of the district, Jon Bartelt. Could you imagine if more Superintendents modeled technology use like this?!  Disclosure: my twins graduated from this district in 2015.

#ICEILchat Illinois Computing Educators is one of the largest affiliates of ISTE (and the largest affiliate that is run almost 100% by volunteers!). ICE offers a wide range of learning opportunities for educators interested in technology including monthly Twitter chats.  Disclosure:  I am currently President-elect of this organization (although even if I wasn't I'd still participate in these chats!).

#CDL_MOOCEd A Twitter chat for participants in a digital coaching MOOC (mentioned below) but open to anyone.  

There are several other chats I participate in but these three are my current go-to's.  You can find me on Twitter @nmzumpano.


I have a long commute to and from work each day.  Some days I'm content to listen to the news or some music.  Other days I listen to podcasts.  Currently I'm trading off between:

Teachers Talking Tech (Two classroom teachers from Michigan!)

Goin' Digital Show (hosted by Illinois Superintendent Greg Goins)


I was fortunate to stumble upon a MOOC designed for instructional coaches through the Friday Institute.  This Massive Open Online Course has allowed me to connect with other coaches from around the world.  As the only coach in my building, it's invaluable to hear what others are doing.


Every teacher should attend conferences!  Not only is it an opportunity to meet your PLN in person and learn new ideas but it's incredible to be in an environment where everyone wants to be there and is excited to learn!  Recently I had the opportunity to spend 4 days at the ICE conference.  Over the course of the week there were 5,000 educators, administrators, tech directors and more that presented and shared their passion.  One of my favorite take-aways from this conference (other than the contagious vibe and reboot of excitement) is the fact that so many educators are generous enough to share their presentations.  See the resources here.

So...that's it for now.  It's how I choose to continue to become a better coach and instructor.  Who knows what the next learning endeavor will be.  How are you learning today?


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