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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Written for Illinois Computing Educators' August Newsletter Learn Some, Play SomeDo you get a summer vacation?  How did you spend it?  Did you sip tropical drinks and bask in the sun enjoying endless lazy days?  After all, that’s how most of society sees the summers of educators, right?  What most folks outside of education don’t realize is that an educator's mind never takes a vacation.  Even if we are not on a school campus it’s always in the background. We constantly think about teaching, supplies that we need, how to reach that one stubborn student. We can be on vacation in the middle of a store or in the middle of a movie when an idea for our profession pops into our mind. It really doesn’t end.
Most non-educators also don’t realize how much of our summers are spent increasing our personal knowledge to better our craft, reflecting on our previous lessons and prepping for new school years (not to mention answering emails from parents and completing tasks administrators ask u…