Scavenger Hunt Photo Project

What do kids love to talk about most?  Themselves, of course! Recently I had an opportunity to collaborate with a 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Moore.  In the beginning of the school year the students are still getting to know their classmates and their teacher.  Ms. Moore had the idea organized and knew what she wanted the students to do on paper but the technology was open for suggestion.  We talked about iPad apps that would be easy to use for incoming 2nd grade students that would allow them to record audio with their images.  While my preference is Educreations we decided to use ShowMe since it was already loaded on the iPads at Coonley.

Students began by filling out a graphic organizer with the following specific prompts:

  • write your name in a creative way and take a picture of it
  • capture your reflection in an unusual way through a picture
  • spell a word that is meaningful to you with objects or people and take a picture
  • take a picture of something that has your favorite color in it
  • take a picture of something you are wearing or have on you
  • take a picture up close of an object you find interesting
  • take a picture of something fun or funny to you
  • take a picture of something you couldn't live without
  • take a picture of your favorite thing about school
  • take a picture that shows off one of your interests
This organizer (available below) helped them focus on what they wanted to take pictures of around the school.  I came in, demonstrated with an example of my graphic organizer and finished product and we were on our way!  Parent volunteers made the process easier by taking small groups of students to take their photographs.  



When we returned, the next step was for students to begin writing their audio scripts for each image.   

Next, time to use ShowMe to insert our images and record our audio!


My Sample ShowMe


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