QR Code Mysteries

Recently I came across a resource through my PLN (Professional Learning Network) on Twitter that gave me an idea for Black History Month.  If you are an educator and you are not on Twitter we need to talk!

Using a resource shared by James Gubbons  that was originally created by Tony Vincent I decided to introduce QR Codes to the 4th grade students.  We talked about what a "quote" was and referenced some famous quotes. I brought the iPads in and displayed some of the mystery quotes from Tony's website around the room. The students worked in pairs to scan the QR codes to find missing words from famous quotes.  For today's purposes I only used quotes from African Americans.

The students then created their very own quotes, with "mystery" missing parts just like the ones we scanned.  I demonstrated how to create a QR code using QRStuff.com and created a step by step guide for the students to assist them.

They did a great job!  Next week we'll spend part of our lab time scanning their creations.


I love working with QR Codes and was happy the 4th graders felt the same way.  I've presented on QR Codes in education on more than one occasion.  Below is a presentation I created for an Illinois Computing Educators' webinar.   

P.S.......here's a post about the power of the PLN 


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