Week of August 20, 2012

Welcome back!  This week we will continue getting to know the computer and adjusting to different types of work in the lab.  You will begin taking NWEA's M.A.P. (measures of academic progress) test this week as well. This test is mandated by CPS and is taking Scantron's place.  Ask your homeroom teacher for more information.

This week we will continue to learn how to use the mouse to launch the internet, type in a URL and play games.  Our site for the week will be Funbrain

This week we will continue to develop our basic skills for Microsoft Word.  Students will practice changing fonts and cutting and pasting images.  When they finish with those tasks they will have  a chance to explore Funbrain or go back to last week's site ABCya.com

Third grade students will also continue their work in Kidbiz3000 during lab time.

NETS Standards covered:
6a. Understand and use technology systems
6b. Select and use applications effectively and productively

Grades 6 & 8 will continue to begin their lab time working in Teenbiz3000.

The first think we'll do is take a look at Mr. Wilson's lesson plan blog.  Lesson plan blogs (like this one and Mr. Wilson's) are awesome!  They allow you a sneak peak at what you will be focusing on in the coming week.  Blogs stay archived which means that the content remains available to you.  If I show you a fantastic website that you can't remember how to get to you can always go back and look through the blog to find the information.

So....back to Mr. Wilson's lesson plans.  Last week 7th and 8th grade students used digital cameras to take pictures that represent their identity using the school grounds as a canvas.  To help Mr. Wilson out we will use the beginning part of lab to comment on those photographs.  As a big ole' safety reminder NEVER POST YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME TOGETHER ONLINE!! You are still minors.  Always post using your initials (NMZ are mine) or your first name, last initial (NicoleZ would be mine). If you would like you could also add in your homeroom (NicoleZ209).

For our weekly Web 2.0 we have many choices this week!  This first site was one that doesn't work within CPS but it's still worth taking a look at.

Graffiticreator.net is a flash based site that allows you to write your name (or any saying) in graffiti style letters.  What's cool about it is it allows you to change the shading, colors, and design of your creation.  It's a good introduction to those design aspects. Take a look outside of school if you get a chance.

Another great Web 2.0 site is MashPlant.  MashPlant is a site that is for 6-8 grade students.  Students can upload video or audio creations on their own page or browse through content created by other teens.  They can also use the MashPlant video files to learn cool things to make their productions better.

WARNING!!  Warning signs are meant to caution you or to help you maintain your safety.  This week we looked at a fun site called Warning Sign Generator. Students had a chance to make fun or serious warning signs.  They did a great job.  We had warnings about gun violence, smoking, chewing gum, and even Godzilla.

Another Web 2.0 application we looked at was a site called Smore.  Smore allows students (or adults for that matter) to make beautiful online flyers.  They can add text, photos, audio, calendars, and more.  Today we signed up for free accounts and played around.  We will come back to this site soon and use it to make flyers for specific content.  The site is still in Beta (meaning the creators are still working out the bugs).  We found that Smore didn't care for Internet Explorer and recommended we use Chrome.

NETS Standards Covered:
1a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes
6a. Select and use applications effectively and productively


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