QR Codes in the Classroom

Recently I presented a QR Codes professional development session for interested faculty members at Leland Elementary.  I've given this presentation before at conferences and as a webinar.  QR codes have become very popular in classrooms. This presentation contains updated ideas as well as student projects I've completed and ideas from pre-service teachers I've taught. It also contains ideas I learned about in an awesome session on QR Codes at I.E.T.C. given by Michelle Heikes and Heidi Morgan.  Below the Prezi is a participant guide that lists the ideas introduced.  I gave this to teachers so as I showed examples they could make a note of the ideas they liked in order to revisit them later.  I hope to include pictures soon of teachers that have implemented QR codes in their classrooms!  

We've already begun using the codes on our interactive S.T.E.M. bulletin board!  The board contains math problems at each grade level from third through eighth grades.  Students can scan the QR code to see the correct answer for each problem.  In order to get a small prize however they must show their work and explain how they arrived at the correct answer.   The board has been well received!

Below are the materials as well as the presentation on QR Codes.


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