U.S. Regions, Thinglink & Websites

Last year our 3rd grade gifted teacher was looking for a way to use technology in his social studies curriculum. His project on researching regions of the United States lent itself to the multimedia program Thinglink. First students would research and gather information on the geography, economy and history of each region being studied. They would then use this information to display on their Thinglinks.   

We created a graphic organizer as a way to help students organize their thoughts and research. Third graders still need guidance in taking notes so we created a more detailed graphic organizer this year which allowed them to enter their notes directly onto it.  By doing so we helped with the structure of the paragraphs they would be asked to complete.  
After research and Thinglinks were complete students were asked to create a 5 page website: home page, credits, Thinglink, regions and dream vacation. Again, we constructed a graphic organizer outlining what was expected.  In addition to this I created a simple how-to guide to show students how to use Weebly.


Examples of Student Websites


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