What's Your Goal?

Each year as students head back to school they set goals for themselves; 'get good grades', 'listen to the teacher', 'become better at sports' are some popular ones we here.  Teachers in first grade, second grade and third grade took these goals a step further; they had students record them.

Teachers began by having students write three goals for the new year.  When this step was complete I came in. Using the app Audioboom I recorded each student reading their goals.  Audioboom stores the audio recording on their site, and generously creates a QR code linking to it.  I printed each and teachers found creative ways to display them (see pics below).  These goals were then placed in classrooms for Open House.  Our parents loved them, and the students got a kick out of them as well. The hope is that we will come back to this activity in June and rerecord reflection statements about meeting/not meeting our goals.  It will be fun to compare writing styles, reflections, goals and even voice changes after so long!  Many thanks to AnnMarie Clasky for suggesting the activity!






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