Tech Tools for Formative and Summative Assessment

When students are released for summer break teachers may not come to work each day but it doesn't mean they aren't learning.  Each year thousands of teachers seek out opportunities to continue their professional growth.  This summer Coonley teachers had a chance to work at their own pace to learn about technology tools that could assist them with formative and summative assessments.

I designed an online professional development website titled "Coonley Technology Road Trip" where teachers could learn the basics about these tools, create sample artifacts and then blog about their experience.  Blogging offered teachers a chance to hear from their peers how they thought the tools could be used in their learning situation.  It also allowed me as a technology coach to see how everyone was feeling about specific tools so I can reach out this school year to offer additional support.

The tools featured aren't all exclusively made for assessment purposes but like any good educator does we find ways to repurpose things to fit our needs.  Feel free to check out our journey!


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