Quadblogging in Third Grade

Our students are quite expressive.  Many are great writers.  In two of our 3rd grade classrooms students expressed an interest in writing reviews online about books and movies they enjoyed.  After a conversation with the teachers about how to do this I thought Quadblogging would be a perfect fit for them, allowing them to reach a greater audience of their peers.  For those that don't know the term, Quadblogging consists of 4 classrooms (in our case 4 schools with 5 classrooms) taking turns blogging. One school hosts and writes posts for the the week and the remaining three classrooms reply.  

I encouraged the teachers to sign up at the "official" Quadblogging website.  They received no response so I emailed the site manager. Again, no response.  Next I took to Twitter, tagging the manager of the quadblogging site.  And again.....nothing.  I am disappointed that no one had the courtesy to reply. Had I been a brand new teacher and gotten this type of response I probably would have quit, discouraged.  Instead, I decided to search for schools on my own.  The one positive thing I can say about the Quadblogging site is that it contained an open spreadsheet with a list of emails of educators interested in blogging.  I picked about 10 people that fit our age band and sent a blind email: 

To my surprise, three schools responded!  Some had experience with Quadblogging and one was new like us.  I created a slideshow that each school could use to introduce the project and to introduce themselves.

When the project concluded I created a survey to ask our students what they thought of the experience.  Their responses are below.  In all, it was a successful adventure, one that we hope to do again!  If any of you are interested, please let me know nmzumpano@cps.edu


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