One Year Told in Six Words

Can you sum up anything in 6 words? Coonley students were asked to do just that!  Chicago Public Schools has a lonnnnnng end-of-year with students in classes through June 19th.  As a challenge for the month of June grades 1-7 were asked to write 6 Word Memoirs based on the following prompts:

  • Tell something you like about Coonley
  • What activity did you really enjoy this school year?
  • Write about yourself
  • Give advice to others
The results were fantastic!  All memoirs were combined into one giant slideshow resulting in over 470 slides ranging from 6 year to 13 year old student perspectives.  Each day three memoirs were selected and featured on Coonley's Twitter feed.  We hope our work inspires you to create your own!   


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