Mid-Year Twitter Tweak!

Happy New Year!  January is a good time to take a look at your class Twitter account and see if it’s all it can be.  Below are some ideas to excite you again about the power of Twitter in your classroom!

I came across a great blog post by Mrs. Davison, a kindergarten teacher that showcases many of the ideas below.  She keeps her Twitter page open throughout the school day so it's available if students have things they would like to say. Students get to host a little blue bird on their desks when they tweet! Be sure to visit her blog to see her examples in detail.

Offline Twitter Ideas 

  • Create a Twitter bulletin board that has a map of the world. Print tweets that you receive and have students pin them on the map as a visual reminder of how far their voices reach!
  • Print out cards to give to students when they tweet so they can go home and talk to their family about it.  Here are some I created as examples:

  • Create a bulletin board with a “live feed” where students can use sentence strips to write sentences about things they’d like to tweet about (great practice writing proper sentences for little ones!) 
  • For little tweeters consider creating a Twitter paper that has 140 small lines printed on it so students can practice writing out their tweets.  This helps them practice summarizing. 

Things to Tweet About

Here’s some additional ideas if you are stuck when it comes to thinking about what to tweet.  Remember, you don’t need to tweet all day long.  Once a day (or even once a week) is still great.
  • Tweet something you learned today
  • Ask a question and collect survey data
  • Tweet spelling words in context
  • Talk about books you are reading or novels you are studying

Here’s a 2nd grade class that tweets:  https://twitter.com/2ndRedEsker

Even More Ideas

  • Thank parent volunteers
  • Share links to projects you’ve created
  • Congratulate classmates on accomplishments
  • Share pictures of artwork
  • Follow authors you are learning about and tweet to them
  • Post teasers for students about upcoming events or lessons
Don’t forget that Twitter chats are a great way to gather resources that are specific to you!  Each grade level and subject area has a chat of their own.  Here’s a link to more hashtags that you’ll know what to do with! http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html  This site also contains the official schedule for twitter chats.  

Coonley Teachers if you need assistance with any of this please let me know!

Finally, if you need a refresher on Twitter be sure to look through my guide.  Happy Tweeting!!


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