Connected Educator Month

Happy Connected Educator Month!

October 2013 marks the 2nd annual Connected Educator Month (C.E.M.).  This initiative, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education seeks to promote connections between educators from around the world.  Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) not only keep us current in our practice but allow us a chance to share resources and build support for each other.  

There are a number of resources available to do this, even if you are new to PLNs.  Below are some examples to help you participate this month.

Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) offers monthly webinars for our members.  To honor C.E.M. we are offering our webinar this month TO ALL EDUCATORS, members or not.  This month's topic is "Growing your PLN".  Register for the October 9th event here:
Chicago Public Schools will have events throughout the month.  To see a list of events view the calendar here:

The Connected Educator website,, has many different types of activities to participate in.  One of my favorites is their Starter Kit, found here:  This kit provides 31 days worth of activities to help educators find new ways to connect with others.  Here's a screenshot of what the starter kit contains: 

There are over 200 different activities and events listed on the C.E.M. website.  Be sure to check them out here: and become a connected educator!

If you need a refresher on PLNs be sure to check out my Prezi below.  Hope to connect with you! 



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