Keeping Kids Safe Online

Chicago Public Schools has asked teachers to discuss Internet Safety with their students and have them sign a "Computer Safety Pledge" after doing so.  This is a great idea.  As the Technology Specialist at my school I was asked to oversee this.  I presented each teacher with a copy of the pledge for their classroom as well as a blank pledge form that all students can sign and display in their classroom.

Along with this I felt it was important to provide teachers with additional resources if they would like to make this an on-going activity.  I gathered some resources for them and created the Prezi below as a way for them to extend the conversation.  I hope to be able to add some photos of classroom displays.

Additional Resources: is a fantastic site filled with resources, word searches, coloring sheets and more.  The Prezi I created used information from this site. has presentations on themes related to online safety that can be used to start a discussion on-going. Common Sense Media has an entire curriculum with scope and sequence available for educators.


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