About the Closet

When I first began this blog I was housed in the computer lab at May Community Academy.  Hence, "ZumpanoTechLab" as my URL.  I blogged my lesson plans as opposed to writing them out each week and sending them to the administration.  This allowed me to share what was happening in the lab with educators around the world and acted as a repository of resources I collected for students and teachers.

After May was shuttered I remained in the building under the new Administration of Leland Elementary.  It was here that my office as a STEM Technology Specialist was housed in room 210. One problem.  Room 210 had never been a classroom or an office- when the room was labeled its placard stated it was a closet.  Hence, "Notes from the Closet".

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to move to a wonderful new school, John C. Coonley.  I continued on as a technology coach until the end of the 2018 school year.  Only this time I was housed in the computer lab and not the closet!


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